Dr. Didier Casner

GoT – The final

So, this is how it goes… RTS1, the swiss french TV channel, just aired the final episode of the very last season, the 8th one, of Game of Thrones.

So, Jon murdered Denerys, Bran became King of the 6 kingdoms, not 7 anymore -as Sansa became queen of the North, Westeros-, Jon went back to the Wall, Arya decided to travel all around the world… Nothing very surprising in fact…

My first impression after this season is that we may see that the paw of GRR Martin, author of the books of A Song of Ice and Fire, since the previous season had a huge impact on the quality of the series and it seems that the show-runners did not well know how to finish the series.

The fact that the series could not rely on the SOIAF books since the 5th season (as GRRM is working on the 6th book since 8 years) surely was something that wronged the series.

Moreover, lots of questions remain unanswered after this last episode… I am just hoping the two final books by GRRM would help answering those questions… and would not be as expeditive as the final season of GoT.



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